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Marcel Romeijn is a Dutch actor who started his career on the stage at the age of 19. By the age of 25 he went into film acting. He has appeared in Dutch films, commercials and series and many (Short) films around Europe. Since 2012 he is part of the international movement KinoKabaret. In 2017 he founded Kinoonik Holland in Rotterdam with his wife Nataliya Trusova.

Showreel 2020

Watch my Showreel

Jacob the movie

Trailer for the upcoming warmovie Jacob 2020

The very near Future

Part one of the online series The very near future

Gainbridge Commercial 2019

                                                                     Directed by Peter Thwaites 

Commercial Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds.

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds.
Keeping Families Close

90 graden

Dutch short film for 48 HFP Nijmegen 2018. Nominated for best actor.

Marcelletje episode 3

Part 3 of the web series marcelletje

Heineken commercial 2019


Heineken® Crate Chronicles


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Marcel Romeijn